“This was an unbelievably incredible experience, I feel so fortunate to have been a part of it. Such an amazing group of ladies to learn from, laugh with and have a wonderful time! I learned such a great deal, and also created memories to last a lifetime. Highly recommend” – Angela Larson, Kenora, Ontario

“Absolutely the most empowering, educational, breathtaking and eye opening experience a woman could ask for. No matter your skill level this adventure is for everyone!” – Katie Ball, Shabaqua, Ontario

“Excellent time had by all. Look forward to more learning and sharing in the future.” – Tracey Chartrand, Kenora, Ontario

“Alyssa brought together a great group of ladies with varying skills and wilderness skill levels, an amazing location, her own expertise in her field – I learned so much and had so many amazing experiences this weekend – definitely a girl-power, Northern Ontario MUST-DO!”– Christina Antonia, Kenora, Ontario

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