BushWoman Workshops was brought to life by photographer Alyssa Lloyd.
Having grown up in the wilds of Algonquin Park, Alyssa is no stranger to the outdoors and it’s wonders. Fortunate enough to have lived in an area where the more you were outside, the better, she’s no stranger to learning the hard way, getting dirty and exploring new terrain.
As a self taught fly-angler and a wild-eyed wanderer with a taste of all things fresh air, Alyssa turned her passion for the outdoors into a career with photojournalism.


Noticing a distinct barrier between women entering the world of the wild and those who were already a part of it, Alyssa thought she could combine her skills of photography and bushcraft to include more women in the outdoors.
alyssa lloyd red fox ontario
These workshops were created with every woman in mind. Whether you are an experienced bush crafter, or someone who would like more guidance in the outdoors, these workshops are here for you. You will build confidence and trust within yourself, and friendships with others.