Better Yourself

Self-care is so crucial to your well-being and yet it’s often neglected. Perhaps you had good intentions with your New Year’s resolutions, but here are a few ways you can start taking better care of yourself.

The type of self-care I’m talking about isn’t enabling yourself to procrastinate watching Netflix or helping yourself to that extra piece of a chocolate bunny you bought long before Easter. (Yes, I’m speaking from experience)

Those simple spoils are necessary and often help, but I’m talking about self-care on a much larger scale. I’m talking about life experiences and overall day to day betterment. When was the last time you smashed a goal you’ve had, or done a trip of a lifetime you’ve been dreaming about?

When was the last time you even had a moment to sit down and set some goals for yourself?

I’m personally saving up for a fly-in trip this August I’ve put off for 10 years 

Have you gone for a walk outside to make yourself feel better? No phones, no “pics or it didn’t happen” just straight-up downtime.

Make real you time. Sit down and think of things you want to accomplish and start to make those things happen. Fulfillment is an excellent example of self-care on a larger scale. But it isn’t the only way you can accomplish giving yourself some much-needed attention.

Some more ways to treat yourself better every day:  

  • Encourage yourself to use your strengths
  • Know when to say no to tasks or responsibilities you aren’t obligated to do nor want to do
  • Schedule some downtime for yourself
  • Allow yourself some rewards (yes Netflix and chocolate count here)
  • Unplug, this may even help your sleep schedule
  • Use Mother Nature as much as you can. She can be cruel, but she’s also here to help
  • Offering and asking for help: It’ll make you feel great to help someone in need, but you need to also recognize asking for help isn’t bad either


Exploring untamed terrain is a great way to unplug on a more dramatic scale


Do what makes you happy, but don’t just settle for the little things all of the time. It’s time you do something truly special you’ve been putting off.

Consider this your gentle reminder to start treating yourself better on a larger scale than binge-watching or facial masks. So check yourself, and take care of yourself. ❤

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