WORKSHOP: Northern Lights and Bushcraft

February 9, 10, & 11.

Fellow women! This one is for you.

Group Size: 4-9

Join photographer Alyssa Lloyd on a three day adventure focused on capturing the spectacular aurora borealis. Hosted at the exceptional Minaki Yurt Adventures in Minaki, Ontario, just outside of Kenora.

We’ll stay in the Mee-Nah-Kee yurt, the largest of Minaki Yurt Adventures dwellings. With full heat and hydro, we’re taking advantage of these cold winter days to treat ourselves to the creature comforts of home.

The real magic happens outside, as always.

Take in the sights and sounds of the boreal forest in the deep of winter. Barely any light pollution and long nights offer the most amazing dark skies photography opportunities. Learn how to take perfect photos of our night sky every time. We’ll wait patiently for the Northern Lights to arrive, and if by chance they don’t we’ll have a riot light painting and capturing the stars.

During the day we will be waking up slowly after our long nights, sipping our coffee by the large fireplace in our yurt, hiking, snow shoeing and skiing for those who choose to. Or, if you’d rather relax in the yurt or sauna, be your own guest!

Cameras will be out ALL the time! You will learn more than just long exposures, how to take breathtaking portraits, lifestyle shots and even documentary photography.

Delicious food, cozy lodgings and great company will make you wish this workshop lasted longer than three days.

As a special treat, we will have trapper, Katie Ball guide a hike while sharing some insight on the Canadian Fur Trade, explain why she thinks young women are the fastest growing demographic in trapping and how she came to be a trapper herself.

To wrap up the weekend, Alyssa will be doing one-on-one or group discussions with everyone who’d like their work from the weekend reviewed.

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