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BushWoman Workshops was brought to life by photographer Alyssa Lloyd.
Having grown up in the wilds of Algonquin Park, Alyssa is no stranger to the outdoors and it’s wonders. Fortunate enough to have lived in an area where the more you were outside, the better, she’s no stranger to learning the hard way, getting dirty and exploring new terrain.
As a self taught fly-angler and a wild-eyed wanderer with a taste of all things fresh air, Alyssa turned her passion for the outdoors into a career with photojournalism.


Noticing a distinct barrier between women entering the world of the wild and those who were already a part of it, Alyssa thought she could combine her skills of photography and bushcraft to include more women in the outdoors.
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These workshops were created with every woman in mind. Whether you are an experienced bush crafter, or someone who would like more guidance in the outdoors, these workshops are here for you. You will build confidence and trust within yourself, and friendships with others.


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Upcoming Workshops

Visit this page for regular updates on all upcoming workshops!


chaga on birch tree


Have you heard tales about a Tinder Fungus, or Miracle Tea? Do you want to learn more about chaga and the benefits this unassuming “blight” has?

Chaga doesn’t look nor sound appealing, but it can be used for many ailments, replace your coffee regime, and also as a fire starter–– even when wet.

Sound all over the place? That’s because this particular fungus–– that isn’t really a fungus at all, is truly amazing. But more on that later!

Join Alyssa on a snowshoe or hike (you decide!) to learn more about where to find chaga, how to sustainably harvest it and much more. Of course what you harvest is yours to take home.

You won’t just be searching for it, while we hunt chaga, some will be brewing for us on the outdoor cookstove.

Hot chilli and buns will be served to warm us after our walk through the woods.

To learn more: Upcoming Workshop: Chaga Foraging January 2020 



Please subscribe or check back soon to hear more details about an archery workshop for all skill levels happening once hunting season is over.

Workshop will be hosted in Bancroft or Belleville’s surrounding areas in the southeastern region of Ontario. Possibility of a northwestern workshop to follow.

Our instructor is a talented and knowledgable archer who runs her own store, Ontario Archery Supply. Hailee is a wonderful teacher and will no doubt make you feel like a bow belongs in your hands.

Check back soon for more and follow our Facebook Page, Bushwoman Workshops.

Past Workshops:


March 22-24, 2019: Wilderness First Aid Course

Location: Minaki Yurt Adventures

Difficulty: Easy-Moderate, everyone is there to learn!

Join BushWoman Workshops, Superior Edge Rescue and a handful of other keen women for a weekend of wild fun and education!

Holly Kondreska of Superior Edge Rescue is our instructor for the weekend. Holly is a First Aid Instructor with Wilderness Medical Associates, The Red Cross and Mental Health First Aid.

Wilderness First Aid courses are based on real-life scenarios even including full makeup to add to the urgency and precautions you’d need to take in the outdoors. The majority of the course will be spent hands-on learning with a little homework and reading assignments.

A Wilderness First Aid course will benefit you whether you love the outdoors, work in remote areas, travel often, plan expeditions, go on solo trips, go camping, boaingt, hunting, fishing, or just wish to learn more.

*Once successfully completed, participants will receive certification in Wilderness First Aid, as well as Adult CPR*

On Friday and Saturday night, those brave enough to endure the cold can join Workshop coordinator, Alyssa Lloyd, armed with hot cocoa, searching for northern lights!

The Wilderness First Aid is a great course to have under any adventurer’s belt, while also adding to your qualifications on a resume or in the workplace.

bushwomanworkshops.jpgMay 20, 2018- Foraging & Fishing Day Workshop


Location: Kenora, Ontario

Time: 9am-4pm – subject to change due to weather

Difficulty: Easy! We’ll go at your pace

Summary: A daytime workshop focused on foraging islands on Lake of the Woods. We’ll be searching for fiddleheads, chagga and deer antler sheds mostly. In between foraging we will be touring Lake of the Woods on a large and safe boat while we try a few spots for walleye and to gather enough for shore lunch that is included.

This workshop will focus on the ethics of foraging to prepare you for the opportunities you can carry out on your own in the future.

It’s also a great way to meet new like-minded people!


Join us for an excursion on Lake of the Woods, in Kenora, Ontario!

We’ll venture out searching islands and shorelines for foraging opportunities such as fiddleheads, chagga and white gold, otherwise known as, deer antlers!

As we weave our way through Lake of the Woods’ many archipelagos, we’ll give ourselves time to breathe and view the rugged scenery between our mini treks on islands.

Aug 27- Sept 1, 2018: Fly Fishing for Muskie

Don’t be frightened by the specifics of this workshop, it is open to beginners and gear anglers alike! Read below for more info:

Held at Anderson’s Lodge on the famous LAC SEUL.

Cabins are fully loaded with bedding, plumbing, heat, hydro, you name it. They have a menu for breakfast and dinner, as well as daily a la carte options.

Anderson’s runs an excellent lodge, diner, and guiding service. Co-owner Jackie, is very excited to meet you all and partake in one or two of our outings! ( She’ll take my spot so no one has to give up valuable fishing time! )

At night we’ll search for northern lights, visit one another and experience the beauty of the Boreal forest in northern Ontario! (Bring a camera and I’ll show you how to capture the aurora borealis!)

 Feb. 9, 10, & 11- 2018 : Northern Lights and Bushcraft Workshop:

*This workshop is now full*

Fellow women! This one is for you.

Group Size: 4-9

Join photographer Alyssa Lloyd on a three day adventure focused on capturing the spectacular aurora borealis. Hosted at the exceptional Minaki Yurt Adventures in Minaki, Ontario, just outside of Kenora.

We’ll stay in the Mee-Nah-Kee yurt, the largest of Minaki Yurt Adventures dwellings. With full heat and hydro, we’re taking advantage of these cold winter days to treat ourselves to the creature comforts of home.

The real magic happens outside, as always.

Take in the sights and sounds of the boreal forest in the deep of winter. Barely any light pollution and long nights offer the most amazing dark skies photography opportunities. Learn how to take perfect photos of our night sky every time. We’ll wait patiently for the Northern Lights to arrive, and if by chance they don’t we’ll have a riot light painting and capturing the stars.

During the day we will be waking up slowly after our long nights, sipping our coffee by the large fireplace in our yurt, hiking, snow shoeing and skiing for those who choose to. Or, if you’d rather relax in the yurt or sauna, be your own guest!

Cameras will be out ALL the time! You will learn more than just long exposures, how to take breathtaking portraits, lifestyle shots and even documentary photography.

Delicious food, cozy lodgings and great company will make you wish this workshop lasted longer than three days.

As a special treat, we will have trapper, Katie Ball guide a hike while sharing some insight on the Canadian Fur Trade, explain why she thinks young women are the fastest growing demographic in trapping and how she came to be a trapper herself.

To wrap up the weekend, Alyssa will be doing one-on-one or group discussions with everyone who’d like their work from the weekend reviewed.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns or ideas! We look forward to hearing from you. You can email us directly here